The First Manifesto

The First Manifesto

We shall make the Andromeda our home.

We Shall populate each habitable planet with 2,000 of our infant clones. These clones shall be raised by a select 500 Mordecai citizens. Upon safe leave, 500 families remaining on board shall be granted birth licences to replace the 500 who left. Zero population growth must be maintained.

These 500 left behind shall teach the children in their care the enlightened path of the arts and sciences so that in 306 years time their children shall be ready to join us among the stars.

We shall colonise 15 worlds, leaving behind 7,500 Mordecai citizens to raise 30,000 clones.

Each colony shall build its own Super Dimensional Fortress to serve as flagship of their state.

We shall colonise 15 worlds every 9 years (5 worlds every 3 years). The representative SDFs of every world shall meet for the forst time in 306 years and then every 9 yars thereafter. Therefore, the number of representative ships shall increase by 15 every 9 years.

In 2355 C.E. there will be the first of many reunions near the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Andromeda Galaxy. By the time the first SDFs meet, 520 worlds will have been colonised.

the Mordecai shall become the great fater, forever seeding the universe with the souls of colossal labours of art, mind, and invention.

And we shall unite to form the Empire of the Eye.

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