Robotech: Clone

The following material is from Robotech:Clone, a fan supplement by Lorcan Nagle. Please feel free to use, copy, and distribute it as you see fit. All I ask is that you give proper credit to me. Suggestions are welcome.

Crash Hound Non Transformable Batloid


The IHE saw no real need for Mecha until after the SDF-3 left for Tirol. Dr. Vaudell's first experiments were with the Shock Divers, and following the successful deployment of that unit, he turned to making a companion cavalry mecha- the unit would be non-transformable, but flight capable, lightly armed, but durable, and a highly mobile and tenacious fighter.

The Crash Hound Project was initially based around Tirolean Bioroid design, which is still evident in the modern mecha design. It had similar operational parametres, but with an internal flight function, removing the need for an additional hover platform. The mecha entered service shortly after the end of the Second War, but didn't see real action until much later.


The infamous Mordecai Mind incedent led to the first field operation of the Crash Hound. Demont Vaudell fled the Isle of the IHE in a stolen Vautomer Jackal in 2045, after being accused of hiding the rare diasese Flesh Brakdown from the IHE genetiscists. A spleen clone of her was decanted, assigned a Crash Hound, and sent to kill her. The Spleen never returned. Crash Hounds served on both sides in the resulting conflict, but were rapidly sidelined with the introduction of the SRF-71 Veritech Iconoclast.

The Crash Hounds are painted red, or in camoflauge depending on operational procedure and pilot's preference. Most still in service are piloted by Humans, although some Type Z combat clones are also assigned them. Crash Hounds were phased out of Mordecai service between 2049 and 2054


Vehicle Type: Non Transformable Battloid, Crash Hound Type
Models: Crash Hound Mk. 1


(1)  Sensor Head                                     		75
     Hands (2)                                     		50 each
     Arms (2)                                            		100 each
(2)  Main Body                                       		250
     Cockpit								150
     Gun Pod 							125
    Legs(2)								150
  1. Depleting the M.D.C. of the sensor head will knock out long-range communications (reduce to 60 miles/96 km range), long-range radar (reduce to 10 miles) and laser targeting (-1 to strike)
  2. Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will completely shut the mecha down.

NOTE: The Crash Hound incorporates the Southern Cross' laser resistant ceramic armor, so laser weapons do only HALF damage. This does NOT include any other energy attacks such as particle beams or ion blasts, nor does it help against explosives.


Flight Mode: Mach 2.7
Ground Speed: 135 km/h
Height: 40 ft. MAP mode
24 ft. Jet mode
Width: 32 ft. MAP mode
72 ft. Jet mode
Length: 30 ft. MAP mode
38 ft. Jet mode


Main Engine: Two IHE Mk.80 Reactive Plates.
Range: Anti matter power source and fusion engines give the Mecha a range of approximately 1,000 miles on planet, and 0.2 AU in space.


  1. CDA-11 Ceramic Disc Accelerator. Carried as a rifle, this is trhe standard weapon for all IHE battloids.