Robotech: Clone

The following material is from Robotech:Clone, a fan supplement by Lorcan Nagle. Please feel free to use, copy, and distribute it as you see fit. All we ask is that you give proper credit to me. Suggestions are welcome.

Punishment Class Shock Diver


The IHE saw no real need for Mecha until after the SDF-3 left for Tirol. Upon seeing the battle armour the Armies of the Southers Cross were developing, Dr. Vaudell saw a good system to adapt to his own uses - an athmospheric dive suit. After appropriating a number od suits from the Southern Cross for research, Gilles decided that the human design was not up to the rigors that its mision role would decree for it. In order to make a viable suit, the IHE design teams turned to old, stolen technology: The Zentraedi modules Gilles took from the SDF-1 in 2005.


Upon investigation of the Zentraedi tech, it was found to be very versatile and modular - even down to the molecular level. With this breakthrough inb place, design of the suit went on quickly and efficently. The first suits were ready for testing by 2030, during the Master's Invasion of Earth.

The punishment class was developed after observations made during the Second Robotech War about the performance of the ASC suits against Bioroids and Bioriod Terminators. While the troopers wearing suits were more than a match for the latter, they could not hope to stand up to the former without great advantages in numbers. To rectify this error in the nascent IHE military, the IHE development teams created the Heavy Shock Diver.

The Heavy Shock Diver was an all round improvement over the Shock Diver in all but one fatal area: The power plant was too large to be effictively shielded and keep the suit's size down. The Heavy Shock Diver program was then suspended for six months.

It was at that point that Gilles perfected his Xalon process, which conferred efective immortality of it's users. Now the Heavy Shock Diver was viable, simply because the users could Undergo the Xalon process to reverse the efects of radiation poisioning. In "Honour" of it's side effects, the suit was redubbed the Punishment class Shock Diver.


Punishment Class Shock Divers resemble Southern Cross battle armour, but have a number of differences. First, the armour is more ornate, with small icons and other decorations adorning them. Secondly, a large, round backpack, with protuding wings is standard issue, containing the mecha's power plant, reflex shield, and engines. Finally, the standard mounted weapon ,a heavy particle cannon, is mounted at the front of the arm, encapsulating that arm from below the elbow..

Every Soldier IHE Foot soldier knows how to use a Punishment Class Shock diver, and anyone who can use a Shock Diver can also use a Punshment class suit, but with a little difficulty. The suits are only used where absolutley necessary, in order to prevent unecessary use of the Xalon tanks.



Vehicle Type: One man atmospheric dive/assault suit
Models: Heavy Shock Diver Mk.2


(1)  Main Body                                     		100
(2)  Backpack                                     		50
(3)Reflex Shield						30
Wings(2)								75
Particle Cannon							50


  1. Depleting the M.D.C. of the Main Body destroys the suit, killing the pilot
  2. Destroying the backpack will shut down the suit's flight capabilities, as well as the reflex shield and main power
  3. See Equipment for Notes on Reflex Shield

NOTE: The Shock Divers incorporate the Southern Cross' laser resistant ceramic armor, so laser weapons do only HALF damage. This does NOT include any other energy attacks such as particle beams or ion blasts, nor does it help against explosives.


Athmospheric Flight: 4552.6 kph.
Space Flight: 12G acceleration for fifteen minutes total.
Ground Speed Equal to 3/4 user's Spd
Height: approk 1.9 metres


Main Engine: One IHE Mk.8 personal reflex pile.


  1. SHPC-00 Heavy Particle Accelerator. Carried on the arm, this is the standard weapon for all Punishment Class Shock Divers
  2. 12 Rack CDAX-12 guided missile launcher. Mounted in the Backpack.
  3. HAND TO HAND COMBAT: The Shock Diver is capable of performing all hand to hand combat manouvres of the wearer, but at triple the damage.