Robotech: Clone

The following material is from Robotech:Clone, a fan supplement by Lorcan Nagle. Please feel free to use, copy, and distribute it as you see fit. All we ask is that you give proper credit to me. Suggestions are welcome.

SRF-5000 Iconoclast Veritech

BACKGROUND : The IHE saw no real need for Mecha until after the SDF-3 left for Tirol. After the experimentation in current mecha trends with the Shock Divers and Crash Hounds, Dr. Gilles Vaudell decided that one of two new mecha would be the definitive mecha for the Mordecai's legions. The mecha in question were the SRF-71 Iconoclast veritech and the Vautomer Jackal. After extensive tests, the Iconoclast won out.The SRF-5000 is a quantum leap above the Veritechs that came before it. The base of the changes is in the fighter's central computer. While the original Iconoclasts had advanced AI systems that could anticipate target movement and tactics, the new SRF-5000 series can think for themselves.


This revolutionary system was atempted by the Masters with their combat robots that they deployed towards the end of the Second Robotech War, but the SRF-5000 was far superior. The SRF-5000 could converse, and has a full personality. Many pilots formed close bonds with their Veritechs. By 2056, most older Iconoclasts had been replaced with SRF-5000s. However, some pilots prefer to fly 'dumb' ships and there is a need for Meson accelerators, so the SRF-71 iconoclasts still survive.The Iconoclast was to be Mordecai's first line of defence, and thousands were produced in their ten year service. The mecha were the spearhead of every battle the IHE took part in in that time. They were phased out in the early 2050s as the Artificially intelligent SRF-5000 Iconoclasts became available, but some are still in service with private individuals, and as backup mecha.The Iconoclast was to be the ultimate in veritech technology.


Vehicle Type: Transformable Battloid, SRF series Veritech Fighter
Models: SRF-5000
Crew: One, however, a trainer vairant can seat two.




NOTE: The SRF-71 Series Veritech incorporates the Southern Cross' laser resistant ceramic armor, so laser weapons do only HALF damage. This does NOT include any other energy attacks such as particle beams or ion blasts, nor does it help against explosives.


Jet Mode with Jet Thrusters:  
Jet Mode with Rocket Thrusters:  
Jet Mode Cruising Speed:  
MAP Mode:  




Main Engine:  
Secondary Engines: