Robotech: Clone

The following material is from Robotech:Clone, a fan supplement by Lorcan Nagle. Please feel free to use, copy, and distribute it as you see fit. All I ask is that you give proper credit to me and do not claim that it is your own work. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

SRF 71T/J Iconoclast Veritechs


The IHE saw no real need for Mecha until after the SDF-3 left for Tirol. After the experimentation in current mecha trends with the Shock Divers and Crash Hounds, Dr. Gilles Vaudell decided that one of two new mecha would be the definitive mecha for the Mordecai's legions. The mecha in question were the SRF-71 Iconoclast veritech and the Vautomer Jackal. After extensive tests, the Iconoclast won out.

The mecha as designed along the lines of the 20th Century SR-71 Blackbird reconaissence aircraft. the fighter mode has slight cosmetic differences: It is wider, and has a different nacelle layout. The mecha's transmode sequence is based around the VF-1 Valkyrie Veritech rather than any of the REF or Southern Cross Veritechs, and the Battloid mode somewhat resembles a VF-1A Battloid. The mecha was produced ten years after the Third Robotech War and production ceased approximatley eight to ten years after that, with the introduction of the SRF-5000.

The Iconoclast was to be Mordecai's first line of defence, and thousands were produced in their ten year service. The mecha were the spearhead of every battle the IHE took part in in that time. They were phased out in the early 2050s as the Artificially intelligent SRF-5000 Iconoclasts became available, but some are still in service with private individuals, and as backup mecha.

The mecha was designed to be the ultimate in Veritech technology, harkening back to the more 'classic' VF-1 and VF-4 in payload and mission type. All Iconoclasts are painted Black, with Red insignia markings.


Vehicle Type: Transformable Battloid, SRF series Veritech Fighter
Models: SRF-71T,SRF-71J(Only minor cosmetic differences)
One, however, a trainer vairant can seat two.


(1)  Sensor Head                                     		100
     Hands (2)                                          		100 each
     Arms (2)                                            		150 each
     Legs (2)                             				300 each
(2)Wings (2)                                       		200 each
     Engine pods(4)                            			150 each
(3)  Main Body                                       		350
    Cockpit								150
     Gun Pod 							125
  1. Depleting the M.D.C. of the sensor head will knock out long-range communications (reduce to 60 miles/96 km range), long-range radar (reduce to 10 miles) and laser targeting (-1 to strike)
  2. Destroying a Wing will also destroy the corresponding arm and one engine pod, reducing speed by a quarter. Any dodge roll in athmosphere will be at -4 due to difficulty to control
  3. Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will completely shut the mecha down.

NOTE: The SRF-71 Series Veritech incorporates the Southern Cross' laser resistant ceramic armor, so laser weapons do only HALF damage. This does NOT include any other energy attacks such as particle beams or ion blasts, nor does it help against explosives.


Jet Mode with Jet Thrusters: Mach 4.5 maximum.
Jet Mode with Rocket Thrusters: Mach 8.7 (5829 mph/9379 kmph), making the Beta transatmospheric (able to blast into outer space under its own power).
Jet Mode Cruising Speed: Mach 1 (670 mph/1078 kmph)
Guardian Mode: Hover Stationary to Mach 1 (670 mph/1078 kmph)
Battloid Mode Flying: Hover stationary to about 400 mph 644 kmph, with a maximum altitude of 12,000 feet.
Battloid Mode Running: 85 mph/137 kmph
Battloid Mode Leaping: 100 feet (30.5 m) up or across without booster assistance. 350 feet (106.75 m) with jet booster assistance.
Height: 40 ft. Battloid mode
24 ft. Jet mode
34 ft. Guardian mode
Width: 32 ft. Battloid mode
72 ft. Jet and Guardian modes
Length: 30 ft. Battloid mode
38 ft. Jet and Guardian modes




Main Engine: Four IHE Mk.43 Heat pile fusion thrusters.
Secondary Engines: 2 FF-3800 nuclear fusion rocket engines.
Range: Anti matter power source and fusion engines give the Mecha a range of approximately 10,000 miles on planet, and 2 AU in space. Fold Drive has a range capable of bringing the fighter between galaxies, as long as there are supplies enough aboard to maintain a pilot.


  1. CDA-11 Ceramic Disc Accelerator. Mounted on the undercarriage in Fighter, and carried in the hand in Battloid and Guardian. This cannon fires discs that contain small matter/antimatter charges.
  2. Plasma Lances.Two are mounted under the nose, useable only in Fighter/Guardian modes.
  3. Optional Use of Missiles. Four hard points are mounted on the mecha, two under each wing. Each can carry one long range missile, three medium range, five short range, or ten mini missiles. To keep the fighter balanced, each wing must have the same missiles mounted. (eg. you could mount two mini missile pods, and two long range missile racks)
  1. HAND TO HAND COMBAT: The SRF-71 can engage in hand-to-hand combat if absolutely necessary.