Robotech : Clone Introduction


Just three hours ago you folded into this system. Half an hour later, you found out that the damn Monte Yarrow had a ship sleeping here as well. You and Rialli were in the lead, you in your Iconoclast Veritechs, him in his shock diver. A Golchis Roab Sentient Fighter ripped him in two as you tried to kill it. You wonder how he'll feel when he's cloned and his memories restored. Hopefully Mordecai will arrive soon and end this battle.

You were born at the turn of the century and yet physically you look and feel like you barely saw the Master's invasion. In addition to piloting a Iconoclast Fighter, you are one of the most qualified human botanists, a world class composer, and a fine cook. You've had cancer and been battered by hard radiation, but are in perfect physical condition. Dr. Vaudell's Xalon process has saved your life and kept you young.

You are a member of the elite, the best humanity has to offer. You are a member of the IHE. You wander the Andromeda galaxy seeding life where there was only death, and one you finishe here, there's always another galaxy to find, and if the IHE has nothing else, you have time.

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