Robotech : Clone Preface

Welcome to the Robotech: Clone RPG web page!

This site is dedicated to Robotech: Clone, a comic published a few years ago by Academy Comics, then home to the Robotech comics(now published by Antartic Press). The story was a massive departure for Robotech, set in the controvrsial "Aftermath" Timeline (which ignored Jack McKinney's novels, and was set twelve years after the show ended), and faetured a group of humans and clones setting out to colonise the Andromeda Galaxy, using their Super Dimensional Fortress, named Mordecai.

The story began in 2005, with Dr. Vaudell Gilles stealing alien Zentraedi technology from the United Earth Goverment. The next time we see him, its 2045, Earth has been devastated by three intergalactic wars, and has been returned to iron age technology, except on Gilles' Island, protected by a powerful shield. He encounters characters from Robotech's "New Generation" series, and, after a brief adventure focussing on the Mordecai's living computer, a clone of Gilles, he and his people, the IHE(Immuno Heredity Enigma, pronounced 'Eye'), continue their perparations to leave.

Upon arrival in the Andromeda Galaxy, the Mordecai encounters an alien race, the Monte Yarrow, and become embroiled in a ten year war for survival. The story comes to a cliffhanger when the Monte Yarrow prepare to attack Earth, and the Mordecai's crew must decide whether to return home or continue their sacred mission. Unfortunatley the story will never be finished, as the creators, Rosearik Rikki and Tavisha Wolfgarth have moved on to their own title, Super Reality Hijinks: Reality Check!(Which I Heartily Recommend), and so, it's up to the players to make their own way in this brave new universe.

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