New equipment

This page details equipment developed by the IHE before and after they left earth. It includes weapons, medical technology, and other devices. These items are generally available only to IHE characters, but the GM can, of course decide otherwise.

  • Weapons
  • Medical Equipment
  • Other Equipment


    The Crew of the Mordecai carry two main types of weapons: Gyrojets and Particle projectors. Gyrojets fire minature rockets at high velocities into their targets, acting like self-propelled bullets. These weapons are roughly as effective as powerful ballistic weapons, and are the standard issue to Mordecai pilots and armed citizens. Particle projectors fire a stream of charged particles at their target, doing damage by heat, force, and electrical impact. These weapons are quite powerful, but are only used in extreme situations in order to conserve power.

    GJP-34 AX Gyrojet Pistol
    This is the standard issue to all IHE pilots. The weapon is light, durable, and reliable. The pilot is not required to wear the weapon when on duty, but it ir rarely far from his hand in the field. Gyrojet Pistols can be found on every IHE outpost in the Andromeda

    GJP-44AX Gyrojet Rifle
    Often issued in the field, the gyrojet rifle is quite a powerful weapon. It can carry a number of special ammunition types, notably stun rounds, which are made of a soft material and travel more slowly than standard rounds, and high explosive, which are effective anti-armour rounds.

    GJP-45AX Gyrojet Cannon
    The Gryojet cannon is not unlike a rapid-fire unguided rocket launcher. It sprays gyrojets often using explosive or armour piercing rounds. A version exists for mounting on a shock diver suit if the user wishes, but with a very limited ammo supply, and is quite rare.

    PCPP-01 Particle Projection Pistol
    The smallest particle weapon used by the IHE, it is issued to officers in dangerous locales in the heat of a crisis. It is quite powerful, and not to be used lightly.

    PCPR-09 Particle Projection Rifle
    A very dangerous weapon, the Particle Rifle is only used in times of great need. Due to heavy power needs, the weapon must either use a large power pack(carried on the user's back) or be linked into a shock diver's power plant in order to fire.

    PCPC-91 Particle Projection Rifle
    This is a man-portable version of the Shock Diver's particle cannon. It must be set up on a static position in order to use, such as a tripod. It requires a crew of two. A gunner, who carries the weapon and the primary power pack and a gunner's mate or assistant, who carries a backup power pack, a tripod, and other gear

    Medical Equipment

    One defining point of the IHE is that, despite the advanced weapons and war machines, which are merely improvments over existing designs, the main leaps in technology are medical. Dr. Gilles Vaudell has been responsible for many new technologies that have combined to make an immortlity serum of sorts- the Xalon Process. Below are the most notable medical devices the IHE have created.

    Xalon Tank
    The Xalon Tank is possibly the most important invention of Human history. A stasis field slows the patient's molecules to 50% of normal speed. At the same time, a 3-D model of the patient's body and celluar structure is mapped, and made into a map for the Xalon Virus to take. The Virus consists of tailored nanotech robots which destroy all the body's internal organs except the brain, and rebuild them as perfectly healthy organs. All dead Brain Cells are also replaced. The process takes between twelve and seventy two hours to complete.
    In Game Terms, a player undergoing the Xalon process has all SDC and hit points restored to the maximum value for their current OCC level. Any reduction to statistics due is removed, and all statistics are returned to their maximum value. Any physical limitations are removed, but psychological problems remain. There is a 10% chance of some physical improvement due to the process. Roll a D100 for SDC, Hit points, and each statistic. On a 1-10, add 1D4 to that value.

    Stasis Field
    The stasis field was developed as part of the Xalon process, but has found other uses in life support, security, and food preservation. The field slows down the molecules of matter inside a storage compartment, preventing biolgical operations form occuring. The molecular slowdown can be between 1 and 99 percent, but 50% is standard.
    In game terms, food can be stored in a stasis field at 50% for ten to one hundred times a long as normal. A character in a stasis field at 20% or more is immobile, and the closer to 99% you get, the slower his or her body works. A dead or near dead character at 50% slowdown can be kept alive for fifty times as long as normal, allowing for application of the Xalon process.

    Other Equipment

    This section contains the various other devices that the IHE have created. These are the miscellaneous objects
    Meson Communication Network
    The Meson communication network was designed to interface the Mordecai's living computer with the rest of the ship's systems. It consists of a series of sockets that run along the Mordecai Mind's arms, neck, and hips. With these systems hooked up to the interpretation computer in the Mordecai Mind's chamber, the Mind has complete control of the SDF's systems. However, this is a symbiotic relationship. The Mind can see everything that the SDF can, and with better sense and clarity than a sensor tech can. The mind can also control any system or subsystem of the fortress. On the down side, the Mind feels pain every time the ship is damaged.
    In Game Terms, A player with the Meson Communication Network implanted and attached to a Mordecai class SDF's Interpretation computer can use the ship's sensors as well as his own senses. He may detect items using these sensors without having to make skill rolls. In addition, he has total control over the SDF. He may move the ship, fire weapons, control the Reflex shield, and so on. If the player does not have the appropriate skills to operate the ship, he may access a system library in the interpretation computer, allowing use of any skill at 70%. This is not modified by OCC level. If the ship takes damage, the player takes 1D6 SDC damage per 150 points of MDC damage the ship takes in a round. If the Mordecai Mind is disabled or killed through this damage, all crew making ship systems-related skill rolls are at -30%. Note that, in general, Mordecai class SDF Minds are specially bred clones, and so few, if any players, should have access to this equipment. In addition, at the time of implant, a player's PS and SDC are reduced by 1D4 to reflect the physical trauma made by implanting this system. This may not be regenerated by the Xalon process without removing the Meson Communication Network. Also, as the player will likely be hooked up to the ship's computer for an indefinite time, he will suffer other physical stat degredations as time passes. These can be removed by the Xalon Process, however.

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