There are two timelines that Clone can follow, and it's up to the GM to decide which to use. Both are exactly the same up until the Invid War Aftermath. One follows the events of the Aftermath comic, and the other does not, choosing to cast the events of "Aftermath" as a novel written by Rand years after the Invid leave. Both are presented Below.

Common Timeline:

  • 2035... Then Back to the Creation of the Universe
    In 2035 C.E. the "Invid Transfiguration" causes a fragmentation chain reaction that reverts back 10,000 years before the beginning of time - before our Expanding Universe(Robotech Universe). Many new mirror universes are created, including the pure protpculrure universe, Pakalla. Only one sentient species exists in Pakalla - the Serpentine Monte Yarrow. Pakalla resides as a protoculture "fringe" universe physically existing 10,000 years ahead of the Expanding Universe.
  • 7,000 Years ago
    The Pakalla Universe stops expanding and becomes in danger of being overcome and destroyed by the still advancing Expanding(Robotech) Universe. Monte Yarrow devise plan to record all life in the Expanding universe to be preserved as Protoculture copies in Pakalla -- and then plan to destroy the Expanding Universe completley. It is the only way they can save Pakalla.
  • 4,000 Years ago
    The Monte Yarrow cross a dimensional barrier into the Expanding universe and succeed in recording and then destroying all species in the Andromeda Galaxy - All species except one: The Gotruzzelo, also known as t"The Merchants of Pain". The Gottruzello defeat the Monte Yarrow, destroying 70% of their forces and driving 20% back to Pakalla. The Gottruzello then cross over to Pakalla to "Take back what is theirs" and close the dimensional portal behind them. Hundreds of thousands Monte Yarrow go dormant in hopes they will someday be rescued by their people.
  • Decades Ago
    On Earth, a group of scientists known as the Initiates Mordecai assume control of a small island in the South Pacific. Their leader is Contanez Vaudell, a mysterious man.
  • 1976
    Gilles Vaudell is born the first and only son of Contanez Vaudell. He is raised in the United States by his mother, Lucinda Vaudell. He is told little of his ancestry.
  • 1977
    Demont Terril(Later Vaudell) is born. Demont's father, Bertrand Teril, goes to the island to work with Contantez
  • 1979
    Contantez Vaudell's island is destroyed in a nuclear accident.. Everyone there is killed, including Contantez and Bertrand. Gilles' Mother accuses sabotage on the part of the US government. A few days later, Lucinda Vaudell is murdered by Kyoko Terril, Demont's mother. Kyoko blamed the Vaudell family for the death of her husband, Bertrand. Kyoko is slain by Lucinda's bodyguards.
    Demont is orphaned after the demise of her parents. She is raised along with Gilles by a trust fund organisation set up by the Vaudell family will.
  • 1980, September 9
    Titus Faulkner, Captain of the Mordecai, is born.
  • 1986
    After correcting the mistakes in a collection of theoretical physics books, Gilles is placed in a special school for gifted children - where he recieves a Doctorate of Science by the time he is 18.
  • 1989
    Demont Begins to recieve psychatric care after shoving young Gilles off a 20 foot cliff. Gilles breaks his arm and decides he loves her.
  • 1994
    At age 18, Gilles uses his family's vast resources to build the Island of the IHE in tribute to his father. He forms an organisation known as the Immuno Heredity Enigma -- The IHE
  • 1997
    Construction of the Isle of the IHE and Assent City is completed. Gilles and Demont are married.
  • 1999
    An Alien Space Ship crash lands on an Island in the South Pacific. It is dubbed the SDF-1 and the governments of humanity combine their eforts to rebuild it in the name of a united earth. For now...
    Doctor Gilles Vaudell steals robotechnology from the downed SDF-1 and begins construction of his own Super Dimensional Fortress on the Isle of the IHE. The existence of the island known of the Isle of the IHE and its city, Assent City is common knowledge at the time of the SDF-1. The island's construction was well televised up to the point of a year before its completion. The Global Civil War drew attention away from it by them and the greater populace had come to think of the island as just another place for cultists to congregate. Although the Mordecai's construction is not complete until after the Invid War, the Reflex Shield (originally powered by protoculture) is the first component built.
  • 2001
    Doctor Vaudell's spies discover the protoculture power plant hidden aboard the SDF-1 years before the United Earth Government does. Protoculture smaples are taken and the members of the IHE build their own scaled down version of the Protoculture Matrix back at their island headquarters. Dr. Vaudell applies an incorrect dose of gravitic force to the protoculture in his possesion and opens a dimensional portal to the protoculture universe called Pakalla. This breach was invisible to Gilles and his team, but all too clear to an alien in Pakalla named Una Von Raxe. Her race is called the Gottruzello ans she watches the humans for months and grows more and more fascinated with them. In them, she sees a means to bring life back to the Andromeda Galaxy(lain waste to long ago by a dragon-like species called the Monte Yarrow.). After leaving her people instructions as to when and where they could retrieve her, Una moves through the dimensional portal into our Universe. The shift in polarity generated by her movement through the portal causes an explosion in Gilles' lab that kills seven scientists and radiates Demont with protoculture. Since then, Una has used her shape shifting ability to watch Demont very closely... and every-once-in-a-while... Una whispers to her in her sleep about colonising the Andromeda Galaxy
  • 2003, August 8
    Loweth Sczanna, Mordecai Shock Diver, is Born.
  • 2005, July 21
    Rueis Keaguinea, Mordecai Shock Diver, is Born.
  • 2009 First Robotech War
    The Aliens known as Zentraedi come looking for the SDF-1 and begin a war with the earth.
  • 2010
    The Zentraedi are defeated but only at the cost of earth's near complete destruction. The Mordecai's experimental reflex shield's activation comes at a critical time. Only two hours after its test run and the Zentraedi bombardment of the Earth commences. Doctor Vaudell's construction of the Mordecai goes unhindered thanks to the protection the Reflex shield provides for the Isle of the IHE. The planet was burnt but the island was unscathed
  • 2013
    Jim "Lunk" Cooper and Lancer"Yellow Dancer" are born.
  • 2017
    Scott Bernard and Nova Satori are Born
  • 2019
    Rook Bartley is Born
  • 2020
    Rand Sommersville is born.
  • 2022
    Annie "Mint" LaBelle is Born
  • 2023
    Talios Niketas and Bibi Ava, Mordecai Bridge Crew members, are born
  • 2022-2033
    The SDF-1 leaves the earth for deep space, taking with it the heroes of the Last Robotech War: Admirals Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes.
  • 2031 Second Robotech War
    The alien Robotech Masters, the creators of the Zentraedi, come to earth to finish what the Zentraedi failed to do: retrieve the Protoculture Matrix from the SDF-1 before their enemies, the Invid, can attempt to do the same.
    Gilles and his people begin developing the Shock Diver Athmosphere Drop Suit during the time of the Robotech Masters Invasion. It is developed as a combat device as universal as the Zentraedi Battlesuit but for the Micron user. Surprisingly it is discovered that this technology is very versatile - very modular - even down to the molecular level. As with most of his projects, Gilles is the first to test the suit. The shuit responds in the positive hundreds of times beyond expectation. The armour proivdes Gilles with escape velocity and propels him three thousand kilometres beyond earth's atmosphere. However, once in orbit, the good doctor runs out of power and dissappears into the black void for two days before he is recovered. When Found he is dehydrated with life support running on solar reserve. On his return to Earth, he lies on the floor of the rescue shuttle babbling about a vision that came to him from the depths of space - a vision of immortality - a vision he calls the Xalon process.
  • 2032
    The Second Robotech War ends with the Masters also failing to retrieve the protoculture matrix -- instead their gigantic ship crashes on the spot where the SDF-1 was finally destroyed years prior. This act spreads the mutated spores of protoculture all over the earth, which have blossomed into the "Invid flower of life". The prescence of the Flower of Life on earth is detected by the Invid.
    Gilles, now 56 and suffering from Lung Cancer, is the first to undergo the Xalon Process (an advanced type of organ cloning & longevity process). The operation is a success. Gilles' cancer is cured and his physique is returned to that of a 25 year old.
  • 2033 Third Robotech War
    The invid arrive and quickly enslave humanity. The invid need the flower of life for food and will stop at nothing to make earth a giant harvesting ground. On the Isle of the IHE, the reflex shield, now running on antimatter, protects Gilles and his people from the Invid Invasion.
    A clone of Gilles is created with the intent that the clone become the living computer of the Mordecai. He is called the Mordecai Mind. Later a system of checks and balances based on merit is created for those IHE citezens undergoing the Xalon process.
    To hide himself from the Invid, Lancer, a soldier, disguises himself as a female rockstar and changes his name to Yellow Dancer.
  • 2034
    Scott Bernard's Mars division is wiped out in earth orbit by the Invid. Scott crash lands on earth and later meets Rook, Rand, Lancer, Annie, and Lunk. the six of them form a resistance group and begin to fight against the Invid
    As part of Invid expermintation, Invid scouts Marlene, Sera, and Corg are reborn as Humans. Merlene forgets she is Invid, becomes atached to Scott Bernard, and joins Scott's resistance group. Sera begins to fall for Lancer.
  • 2035
    Confronted in Orbit by the Saturn attack group, and personally on the ground be Scott Bernard's resistance group, the invid surrender and undergo the "Invid Transfiguration". The Transfiguration causes all Invid to become pure protoculture. They become a single phoenix-like object and destroy 90% of the Saturn group as they leave the solar system. They then open a dimensional portal, the force of which causes them to lose their collectve identity as they are flung back 10,000 years before the dawn of time. They become the Protoculture universe Pakalla, existing 10,000 years ahead of the Expanding Universe. The Third Robotech War has Ended.

    This timeline is based on events in The Robotech Saga. The Common Timeline and Timeline which does not follow the Aftermath plot were written by Rosearik Rikki and Tavisha Wolfgarth and published in Robotech: Mordecai # 5 as "A Mordecai Databook history of What has come before". They are reprinted here without permission, and I hope that nobody sues me over this. The timeline that follows the events of 'Aftermath' was written by me based on data from the Timelines in Clone #0-5 and Mordecai #1, as well as the synopsis of the events of 'Aftermath' # 1-6 in Aftermath # 12, and, again, I hope nobody sues me over it. Back to the index