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    Robotech Pages

    The Robotech Reference Guide, an excellent online reference work. This site has an online sourcebook for the Robotech RPG, as well as stats for mecha from Macross, Robotech: The Movie, and Robotech: The Malcontent uprisings, all for the Robotech RPG
    Robotech official site
    Information for Robocon, the Robotech convention
    Rick's Mecha Madness, Includes data on mising mecha and ships that appear in the show but not in the RPG, and other cool Robotech Stuff.

    Other sci-fi pages

    The Lurker's guide to Babylon 5
    Official Babylon 5 page

    Cool Places

    Geocities, who host this and thousands of other pages
    Hotmail, web based free email
    Macmillian Publishing, an excellent Computer book publishers, who let you read their wares online at the Personal Bookshelf
    Dilbert Zone, includes comic strips, games, and lots of other funny stuff about Dilbert
    Disinformation, a nexus of underground information on the Web.


    Laura Gladwell's page. I am contractually obliged to say you should visit. It's about magick.

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