Revision History

06/04/01: Holy shit! I actually worked on this site! Yup, I moved from Geocities to 50megs, with the intention of putting up a couple other robotech gaming sites here as well. The guestbook is currently shared with all the other pages. I also provide you lucky dogs with stats for the Mordecai and the IHE Dropships from issue 5, which are much niftier than the Fold Shuttle, which may well come soon. All that's left are the characters and weapons, and then the only updates left for the page will be roleplaying notes and Character stats.
22/06/99: Redesigned the Title Page, with a similar overhaul of the site to follow. also, I've moved the Revision history to this File, and the Legal notices are now Here
19/05/99: Well, who noticed the banner at the top of the page? Image uploading has begun in earnest, and I plan to have every image I'll ever need up by the end of June, at which point I'll offer a preloadable image cache. A stub file for the SRF-5000 Iconoclast Veritech is up, with a Vautomer Jackal one to follow, which will pretty much finalise the Mecha index for the time being, but I'll have stats for the 5000 and Jackal within a month. Work has finally begun on the Mordecai file. Also, visit My home page, which I've just started work on.
15/05/99: Pictures are finally up in the Comic Data Page
12/05/99: added What is Robotech, anyway?, a look at the history and story of Robotech
10/05/99: Links page added
06/05/99: Game rules and descriptions for the Xalon Tank, Stasis Field and Meson Communication Network have been added to the Equipment Page. Synopsis of the various comics up on the Comic Data page. Hopefully we'll have weapon stats soon, along with the final skill list and the legendary OCCs, and maybe finally the Mordecai and Shuttle, if I can be bothered to copy text.
05/05/99: A stable skill list is finally available. Also, the timelines page and equipment are up in a prototype form. The timelines page has from 10,000 years before the dawn of time to 2035, with two alternate timelines for 3035-2046 coming soon. Equipment has descriptions of some weapons and equipment up Plus, the contents page has been updated and redesigned.
22/04/99: After a long wait, the pages for the SRF-71T/J and R Iconoclast Veritechs, not to mention the Shock Divers(both Standard and Punishment Class) as well as Crash Hounds Hopefully, next week will see the addition of the Mordecai and the Fold Shuttle, as well as new skills and OCCs, time willing. Please note that due to firewalls in the college, most images are not loading right now.
08/03/99: Added mecha Index(Link up soon!)